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P10 Money

Fintech startup

Social media posts | Graphic design | Motion graphics | Video

When this fintech start-up wanted to create its social media presence, we knew the objectives; building brand awareness and a conversation around personal finance. We started with three posts a week and quickly built up to at least two posts a day.

Collaboration is vital, and the account works because we come together: the content writer, the social media manager, the product lead and the design team. We dig this teamwork!

Instagram is a versatile platform: polls, stories, quizzes, puzzles, contests, quotes, reels, series. The single image posts versus the multi-image ones. The text in the image and text in the description. The memes, animated gifs, photo collages, illustrations, video - we crafted them all.

Insta post_2.png
Insta post_3.png
Insta post_1.png
Insta post_4.png
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