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Design with a purpose

We create compelling visual content for all platforms - digital and print. We especially love to work with purpose-led people and organisations, telling stories of hope and change. We understand the importance of context, and we're also interested in the people who make up the brand. Everyday, we strive to keep our design honest and meaningful.

Meet the team


Anupama Bhat

Anu is an artist in the making. She’s at her best when working with images and pairing them up with vectors - clipping, cropping, mixing and serving up the social media posts designs. When not designing, she’s busy watching dark thrillers!


Chinmayi Arakali

Chinmayi is a filmmaker, designer and teacher all at once. She has worked with several non-profits, using film to help empower communities. As a creative director, she brings her bags full of empathy & sharp design thinking to all her projects. Chinmayi is a birdwatcher, a mom and an alumnus of the National Institute of Design. She founded Kitki, along with Pavan.


Debanshu Bhaumik

Debanshu is a practising artist and works with technology as his medium. He loves to tinker and can spend his days in his toolshed, assembling and creating. Debanshu is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design and the UX aficionado at Kitki


Martin George

Martin wanted to be a chef but turned designer instead. He fusses over the details of each illustration, the curves that define the motion graphic. His ever-growing Spotify playlist is the studio vibe.

KJP for Kitki Website_edited_edited_edit

K J Pavan

Pavan is an award-winning lens based artist, musician and actor. His latest still life photo series was part of a show curated by Apparao gallery. Pavan also teaches photography at two premiere institutes in Mysore.

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