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Wadiyar Centre for Architecture

Architecture Institute


Challenge: Outdated website struggled to showcase the college's diverse offerings and vibrant campus life.

Solution: We restructured the site to integrate the various learning programmes that the college meticulously curates - workshops, masterclasses, study tours among them.


More importantly, we created space to showcase the vision of the institute. Needless to say, the campus is a beautiful space and we integrated captivating campus video for a richer user experience.

Lastly, we prioritized streamlining the admissions process, recognizing it as the most critical user journey. We did this by clearly presenting the admission process and related information on one single page in a near-chronological order. Easy access is ensured through both scrolling and a clear side navigation bar with well-defined headings. 

Result: Streamlined website navigation improves user engagement. Compelling visuals and clear messaging contribute to increased enrollment inquiries. This was a fulfilling project for all of us.

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